It would be difficult for consumers to imagine their favourite bakery products, biscuits or confectionary without cocoa ingredients.

Icings made from the highest quality ingredients provide the product with the right taste, aroma and appearance.

  • dark confectionary icings (classic, exclusive)
  • dairy confectionary icings
  • chocolate dipping icings
  • ice-cream icings
  • special aromatised icings
  • diabetic icings (with fructose or with maltitol)

CHOCOLAND a.s. produces the glazes with maximum care and offer you a wide range. There are the traditional confectionary icings differing in their content of cocoa ingredients and fat, icings for ice-cream as well as sugar-free icings suitable for products for diabetics and overweight people. These are modern, healthy and suitable for your products.

When producing the icings CHOCOLAND a.s. uses special fats which provide a perfect substitute for cocoa butter. Modern industrial soft vegetable fats come without trans-fatty acids (TFA). Thanks to their appropriate ingredients our icings do not require tempering which makes it significantly easier to use them.

You as the processors as well as the end consumers will appreciate the characteristic chocolate aroma, colour and lustre of the icings, its adhesion, elasticity and easy cutting.

Icing by request: we have a broad range of icings but we can fully adjust a specific recipe to your applications and technologies (viscosity, delicacy, contents of cocoa ingredients, etc.).

The icings are supplied in the form of highly-soluble tablets or fragments packed in 15 kg paper sacks.



Bakers, confectioners, wafer-makers

  • Confectionary icings for decoration and dipping
  • Used in the production of gingerbread and wafers
  • Dipped jellies
  • Savoury bars


  • Dipped and semi-dipped bars, biscuits, chocolate boxes



Code Product name                                                                         
Weight retail packet (kg) Weight pallets (kg) Best before (month)
A098 Milk confectionary icing 
15 600 12
A099 Dark confectionary icing Extra 15 600 12
A101 Dark confectionary icing "S" 15 600 12
A102 Dark confectionary icing "Z" 15 600 12
A109 Dark confectionary icing Party (vegetable fat) 15 600 12
A104 DIANELLA dark icing
10/15 360 12
A105 DIANELLA milk icing
10/15 360 12
A106 Diabetic hazelnut icing
12 432 12


The company CHOCOLAND a.s. produces and distributes a line of confectionary under its own and private brands






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