Soya semi-finished products

CHOCOLAND a.s. has rich experience of working with soya and can truly recommend it for further use. This valuable legume is literally of universal use and has become popular among bakers, confectioners and producers of confectionaries or muesli bars. Soya semi-finished products can increase the added value and improve the nutritional value of your products, and reduce production costs.

  • cleaned soya beans
  • whole soya flour
  • soya flakes
  • roasted crushed soya
  • roasted soya nuts (natural, salted)

CHOCOLAND a.s. works exclusively with genetically unmodified soya beans. We process the carefully selected type of soya into high-quality whole soya flour, flakes or semolina, but also roasted crushed soya or roasted nuts. All this is done under strict internal and external control.

CHOCOLAND a.s. has been working with soya since the 1960s and has the largest production capacity in central Europe for the processing of soya beans.

Individual processing: we will meet your requirements and will process the soya precisely in accordance with your ideas (finesse, roasting, mixing, etc.).

Soya semi-finished products are supplied in paper sacks weighing 15, 20 or 25 kg.


Bakers, confectioners, wafer-makers

Use of soya = rapid improvement in nutritional values

  • Soya flour for making dough for rolls, buns, etc. (max. 10 %)
  • SSoya flour for the production of wafers, wafer fillings and biscuits
  • Flakes, roasted crushed soya and semolina for sprinkling (substitute for nuts with a high-fat content)

Confectionary and healthy nutrition

  • Soya flakes for making dough lighter (healthier equivalent to oat flakes, increased protein content)
  • Roasted crushed soya and semolina for sprinkling (substitute for nuts with a high-fat content)
  • Production of muesli bars



Code Product name                                                                         
Weight retail pack (kg) Weight pallets (kg) Best before (month)
A011 Cleaned soya beans (legume)
25 600 12
A002 Whole soya powder
15 600 12
A003 Whole fine soya flour
15 600 12
A004 Whole coarse soya flour 15 600 12
A005 Unroasted soya semolina
15 600 12
A006 Soya flakes
A024 Extra soya flakes
600 12
A007 Roasted crushed soya - fine
15 450 6
A008 Roasted crushed soya - coarse
15 450 6
A009 Roasted crushed soya - coarse Extra (2-3 mm)
25 600 6
A025 Toasted crushed soya
15 600 12
A012 Roasted soya nuts (golden roasted)
25 500 9
A015 Roasted salted soya nuts
25 500 9


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