Certification / Quality

Maximum attention is devoted to products, be it semi-finished or finished products, at CHOCOLAND a.s. throughout the entire production process. This involves careful selection and control of purchased raw ingredients, the actual production process and the sensitive handling and storage of goods in warehouses with a controlled temperature.

Proof of the efforts of all CHOCOLAND a.s. employees to achieve the highest possible quality and safety of the produced food also comes in the form of the ISO 22000, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The company is also subjected to food safety audits for British BRC and German IFS certification.

As a supplier for the international groups Nestlé and Kraft CHOCOLAND a.s. also meets the demanding qualitative requirements of these companies and undergoes their strict audits every year.

ISO certificates

IFS and BRC certificates


Klasa certificates



EKO-KOM certificate


The company CHOCOLAND a.s. produces and distributes a line of confectionary under its own and private brands






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