The history of the company CHOCOLAND a.s. began as early as in 1894 when its predecessor, the company Kolínská továrna (Kolín Factory), began with the production of the coffee substitute – Kolín chicory, known throughout Austria-Hungary.

The popularity of Kolín chicory lasted until the 1950s when the company, just as many others in the then Czechoslovakia, was nationalised and became part of the food giant Čokoládovny. Under the name Soja Kolín the company specialised in the processing of soya and production of semi-finished food products, especially for other plants of Čokoládovny.

Since the 1960s the factory in Kolín has had the biggest capacity for processing soya beans intended for producing human nutritional products in Central Europe.

Once the foreign partners, Nestlé and Danone entered Čokoládovny in the 1990s, the company was restructured which led to the sale of the Soja Kolín plant. Representative of the hundred-year tradition and bearer of many years of experience in top food production became ALTIS® Kolín.


The company CHOCOLAND a.s. produces and distributes a line of confectionary under its own and private brands






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