About us

In its more than one-hundred year tradition of food production CHOCOLAND a.s. has become one of the biggest producers of semi-finished food products for bakers and confectioners and a producer of healthy soya-based confectionary, diabetic sweets and a broad range of chocolate confectionary.

The basic strategy of CHOCOLAND a.s. is to produce high-quality food products respecting modern trends in nutrition and consumer habits. All its own ready-made products are developed in accordance with customers’ wishes and are suitable for production under private brands. Among the popular items of the broad assortment are dipped and non-dipped soya-based bars, functional bars, seasonal confectionary, iced chocolate or chocolate creams.

Semi-finished products under the ALTIS Industry brand, intended for further processing in various sectors of the food industry, have been produced at the Kolín plant for more than fifty years. CHOCOLAND a.s. has the largest capacity for processing soya beans in Central Europe and is the only place in the Czech Republic to produce such products as whole soya flour. Among its traditional items are soya semi-finished products, but the selection also contains a broad range of icings, modern cream fillings and a line of dessert pastes or roasted nuts.

The long tradition of production of semi-finished products does not just cater to the broad range, but also the individual approach and development of semi-finished products customised to customers’ needs.


The company CHOCOLAND a.s. produces and distributes a line of confectionary under its own and private brands






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